How To Choose The Best Dog Brush For Your Pet

Brushing your dog
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The dog brush you choose should be based on the breed of dog you have – and the type of coat it has. If you aren’t sure how to judge which brush you should purchase, ask your veterinarian or get a recommendation from a professional groomer.

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A good quality dog brush is essential to help remove hair, mats and tangles and to keep your dog’s coat looking shiny and healthy. Besides providing your pooch with the proper diet, it’s the most important thing you can do for your dog’s overall health.

There are so many dog grooming brush types, combs, rakes and other items, that it sometimes seems like a maze to wade through the choices. If you don’t have the correct tools for your dog’s coat, it’s so much harder to keep it looking great.

Brushes For Dogs With Skin Problems

Some dogs tend to be susceptible to skin disorders, rashes and ‘hot spots’. If that describes your dog, you should first choose a product that’s gentle on his skin. Brushes with rounded tips are available that are far less likely to irritate the skin.

Dog Brush For Long Hair

A slicker brush for dogs is a good dog brush for shedding. These special brushes have metal bristles and come in a variety of stiffness. They’re excellent brushes for long-hair dogs. Before you purchase a slicker dog brush, be sure the ends of the pins are coated so that brushing won’t irritate your dog’s skin.

Dog Brush For Short Hair

Rubber gloves for dog grooming tasks and rubber dog brushes are popular for gently massaging your short-haired dog while removing loose hair. These gloves, mittens and brushes can be used on your dog’s coat both during and after a bath on wet or dry coats.

Brushes For Wiry Dogs

Wiry dogs do well with a rubber Zoom Groom dog brush. It’s a strange looking grooming tool with soft rubber ‘spikes’ and can be used at bath time or for a dry coat brushing session. Rubber products for dog grooming are great to use during bath times because they won’t rust and are easily cleaned.

Brushing a dog with a combination pin and bristle brush

A Dog Brush That Is Versatile

Combination pin and bristle brushes come in a variety of styles and durability. Some sport the bristles on one side and the pins on the other, so you can change out according to what works best for the amount of mats and tangles in your dog’s coat.

Whatever dog brush you use for your dog’s grooming needs, be sure you’re gentle with the brushing procedure. If not, your doggie will soon balk and run when you bring out the brush.