Does Your Dog Have An Excessive Shedding Problem?

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In order to grow up healthy, you will need to groom your dog as he grows and changes from puppy to adult. It is a natural process for dogs to shed their coats to get rid of old or damaged hair.

Excessive shredding problem in dogs

Shedding can be caused by various factors

However, if there is excessive shedding of your dog’s coat, this could be an indication that your dog may be having a few ailments, depending on his age. Sometimes, this could be due to the dog’s health and other times it could be that you are not giving your pet the proper care.

If you are not sure what is the cause of the excessive shedding, then it is best to take your dog to the vet for a checkup, if you have been grooming your dog properly all the time.

Shedding in puppies

But, if your dog is still a puppy and is shedding excessively, this could mean that his adult coat is on the way to replace his puppy coat. All you need to do is to continue brushing it thoroughly every night until the replacement is completed eventually.

In fact, when their dogs begin to mature, some dog owners will trim their old coats to speed up the replacement process.

Shedding due to improper grooming

Sometimes the problem may be due to improper grooming. You could be using a chemical-based shampoo that cause the hair loss. These chemicals can result in faster hair loss in older dogs and skin irritation in younger ones.

Shedding due to parasites

Besides grooming issues, health factors can also cause excessive hair loss. One such factor is due to parasites. Lice, mites and fleas can easily cause unnatural shredding in dogs. Also, a bacterial skin infection, such as mange, could be the culprit.

Side effects from medication

The problem could also be due to the side effects from some medicine that your dog is taking. But it could also be due to something more serious, such as a disease or skin cancer.

Shedding due to health issues

If the dog’s fur is dropping out in dry clumps, you better take him to the vet immediately. It could be due to some serious health issues that need to be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible.

Dog shedding problem

Ways to prevent shedding

Prevention is better than cure. There are a few things you can do to prevent unnatural shedding in your dog. Regular bathing helps to wash away old dirty furs and prevent parasites and infections from occurring.

Brushing your dog’s coat regularly is also important. You will need to do this more frequently with longer haired breeds.

Start with a wire brush. Go over their fur once to remove tangles and mats. Then, use a softer brush made from bristles. For shorter haired dogs, you can use some silicon mitts available on the market.