How To Reduce The Hassle When Grooming Your Dog At Home

Dog Grooming Vacuums
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Sometimes, brushing your dog’s fur can become a bit of a hassle after awhile. If you’re having to regularly groom your dog, they likely shed quite a bit. You’ll have to keep on taking out all of the hair from the brush, and you need to be sure it’s clean before use in order ensure that your dog is getting a good brush.

If you have the funds and you want to make brushing and grooming a bit easier, you can opt for a vacuum or hair dryer instead.

Avoid The Hassle Of Cleaning Up

If you want to avoid all the hassle of having to clean up after a good brushing, you can get a variety of different vacuums to clean up the mess as you groom.

For example, there are a number of different vacuum hose attachments that help you with this. All you have to do is connect it to the end of the vacuum you already have, and it’ll work just fine.

These hose attachments can vary in size, shape, and purpose. Some attachments are very complex. For example, some of them combine a fine brush and a vacuum into one bit, allowing you to brush your dog while also vacuuming up whatever fluffs of fur come with it.

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Other attachments are interchangeable, allowing you to go from a thicker brush to a finer one. Often times you can find dog-specific vacuums that can deal with the hair and are much cheaper than a full sized vacuum.

The main advantages of these are that they’re more portable and have a wider hose, so they’ll be less prone to clogging. These vacuums also ensure that you’re using an appropriate amount of vacuum force and you’re not hurting your dog.

Benefits Of Using A Blow Dryer

With these dog-specific vacuums, you can often reverse the flow of air in order to make it more of a hair dryer, which can be very useful if they just had a bath. Trying to chase down a wet dog with a towel to dry them down isn’t easy, but if you can get them to stay still and be air-dried, they’ll be dry faster and will also be fluffier.

Woman drying dog with a dog blow dryer.

Some dog dryers come with heating elements built in, which comforts your dog and makes them want to stay there to get dried off. Many dogs don’t like baths because they get cold after getting out, but by providing a good source of heat and air, they’ll be a lot happier.

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How To Reduce The Hassle When Grooming Your Dog At Home