What Is The Best Type Of Shampoo For Your Dog’s Bath Time?

Best type of shampoo for your dog
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As dog owners, one of our responsibilities is to ensure that our dogs are healthy and clean. So, one of the things we need to do regularly is to give them a good bath to ensure they are well-groomed.

What is the best shampoo for your dogs

If you do not bath your dogs regularly, they will eventually get fleas on their bodies and develop an unpleasant odor. Not only will this cause discomfort for your dogs, but also to everyone living in the house.

Enjoy bathing your dogs

Washing your dog need not be a daily task. At a minimum, do it at least once a month. Do not treat it as a chore but enjoy the process as the time spent will help you to strengthen your bond with your pet.

Not only will your dog live more comfortably, your family will also benefit from having a cleaner and more hygienic environment to live in. You will have less dirt and allergens in the house to deal with.

However, as there are so many options for dog shampoo available in the market, it could be quite confusing to decide which one is best for your dog. The following are some tips you may find helpful.

Avoid artificial ingredients

For puppies, generally, it is best to stay away from shampoos with artificial ingredients. However, if it is not possible to find one without such ingredients, then use one that is specially formulated for puppies.

Although containing artificial ingredients, puppy-specific shampoos are less hash than those for fully grown dogs.

Regardless of the dog’s age, artificial ingredients are chemicals that can cause itching, give rise to dry skin and even cause hair loss in dogs. Because their skin is more sensitive compared to older dogs, puppies are more susceptible to these side effects.

Organic certified shampoo

A much better option is to use shampoos that are USDA certified organic. You can then be assured that all the ingredients used in the shampoo are produced on a farm where chemicals are not used to grow them.

Certified organic shampoos will not cause any itching nor skin problems in your dogs. All dogs can use them regardless of their age, from puppies to seniors. Organic shampoos also uses natural fragrances, such as honey and lavender, to give your dog a pleasing fresh smell after a bath.

Washing a dog

Shampoo for various conditions

Various types of dog shampoo are available for different conditions. There are those that help with excessive shedding. Some contain Aloe Vera to help with dry skin. Also, there are shampoos that are useful for treating mange and similar parasitic infections.

You must start bathing your dogs from a very early age. Initially, they may be afraid and dread it. But with some coaxing, they will begin to love it in no time.

Do not be surprised that after a few months of fun baths, they will be excitedly looking forward to a bath, just like excited about going for a walk or getting a treat.