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boxers meet newborn

What Happened When 2 Boxers Were Introduced To Newborn Baby?

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Two Boxer dogs, Macey and Vanda, met their owners’ adorable newborn baby for the first time. They were first given the baby’s towel to smell before they were introduced to her, one at a time.

Macey, the eldest, got to meet the newborn first. He walked around the baby several times looking at the infant, getting to know her. You can see his excitement gradually building up. You can see his urge to give the newborn kisses building up, but Mom was not encouraging that. Finally, he cannot contain his urge and gave Mom the kisses instead.

Next is Vanda’s turn to meet the baby. Vanda was excited to see the baby, but her excitment did not build up to the level of Macey’s.

Finally both dogs get to be with the newborn together as she sleeps peacefully in her crib.

Enjoy the video.

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