5 Tips On How To Make Dog Washing Less Daunting

Washing a dog
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Making sure your dog gets a good bath can be a daunting experience, especially if the dog happens to weigh almost or as much as you do and has a real aversion to baths. But, dog washing doesn’t have to be harrowing and there are many ways to make it almost pleasant, both for the dog and you.

5 Tips on how to make dog washing less daunting

Use A Dog Washing Station Near You

Dog washing alternatives have popped up all over, giving owners a choice about whether to take their pooches to an expensive groomer for their grooming needs or use a safe and affordable doggie “laundry-mat.” These one-stop, self-serve dog washing areas are equipped with easy to use equipment and most even supply shampoo.

Brush You Dog’s Coat Before Washing

Washing your dog can be just as intimidating for your dog as it is to you. But, once the dog begins to smell or he has tangles and mats, it’s time to bite the bullet. Be sure to brush your dog’s coat before you dunk him into the water.

Brushing helps to remove hair, grass, twigs and mats that might have collected on your dog and makes the dog washing go much smoother. If you don’t perform this pre-washing maintenance, matting might occur when the dog gets wet.

If brushing doesn’t resolve problem areas, you may need to use clippers to remove it. Then, after all that is done and you’ve assembled all the supplies you need, finding the dog is the next step. Pooches have a way of knowing when they’re about to be washed and may become adept at hiding.

Get A Partner To Help You

Some doggies may be especially difficult to hold on to when you place them in the bath. That’s when a partner comes in handy to hold the towel, pass the shampoo or to keep the dog tethered. A sprayer is nice to have so you can be sure you’re getting the entire soap residue off the dog. If you don’t, the dog may develop itching or dry skin problems.

Allow Your Dog To Shake Off The Water Before Your Towel Dry Him

After the dog washing, get ready for the big ‘shake.’ Your dog’s natural instinct is to shake the water off, so you might want to close the shower door and let him before you begin to towel dry him.

Bathing your dog can be daunting

Don’t Use A Hair Dryer If Your Dog Has An Issue With It

Dogs love the part after the bath where you wrap him in the towel and rub him all over. Some dogs don’t mind hair dryers to hurry the process along. But others will react almost violently to having a noisy machine near them.

Some dogs need baths more than others. Those dogs (like water dogs) who spend a great deal of time outdoors and that have extra oily skin may need more baths than a short hair dogs who almost never leave the house.

You and your dog will definitely enjoy the aftermath of a good dog washing. A clean, well groomed dog is a happy dog.