How To Get Rid Of Matting Fur In Dogs?

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Matted fur are dense, tangled patches of fur. Friction between the fur and other surfaces will cause mats over time.

How to get rid of matting fur In dogs?

At some point in time, most dogs will experience this problem. This is especially true with longer haired breeds.

If your dog frequently lays on his side or back, it is a matter of time he will get some mats in his fur.

Why it is important to take care of mats

If taken care of, mats usually will not harm your dog. Otherwise, he will start to feel uncomfortable and even pain after some time. He will then not be able to interact normally.

Because they do not allow moisture to pass through to the skin, mats can often cause dry skin problems.

Preventing matted fur in dogs

It is not difficult to keep mats under control. Regular brushing of your dog’s fur is the easiest way to prevent them from forming.

Do this everyday if possible. Otherwise, brush your dog several times a week. At a minimum, do it at least once a week. It all depends on how thick a coat your dog has.

All you need to do is to brush your dog with a soft brush to keep his fur clean and untangled. To make the process easier, you may want to spray a very small amount of water on the dog’s coat before brushing.

Just like being pet, dogs usually find brushing rather soothing.

Dogs with long, curly hair will need more frequent brushing than those with shorter, straight hair. So, if you keep your dog’s fur trimmed down, then you can do less brushing as the shorter hair helps prevent mat from forming.

Removing mats from your dog’s fur

If you find mats on your dog, you will need to untangle them.

Try to gently pull the mat apart. If the mat is not so severe, it should not be a big problem breaking it down into smaller ones.

Once you have managed to break down the mat quite a bit, then slowly brush through the remaining smaller mats with a wire brush or comb. Do this until you have removed all mattings.

Finish the process by brushing through the fur again with a soft brush.

What to do with severely matted fur

If your dog has severely matted fur, then it is not possible to simply pull the mat apart and brush through it. The matted fur has to be removed altogether.

It is very important to remove severely matted fur. There may be bugs, parasites or skin injuries underneath those mats.

To remove it, it is advisable to bring your dog to a vet or a pet stylist. They have clippers specially designed for dogs that can get the job done quickly.

While you are at the clinic or stylist, why not ask the experts for some advice on proper grooming techniques for your specific breed.

Also, ask them to recommend you some good brushes, shampoos and detangling sprays you can use at home on your dog.