Does Your Dog’s Ears Need Cleaning?

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A dog’s ears can easily accumulate debris, dirt, germs and more. This can cause infections and other health issues. So, you need to clean your dog’s ears regularly. However, you can do it yourself without going to a vet or dog groomer.

Does your dog's ears need cleaning?

Besides requiring very few tools, the process is also a bonding experience for you and your dog. But, firstly, you will need to know when to clean your dog’s ears. Then, you will need to know how to do it.

How to tell if your dog’s ear need cleaning

One way to tell whether your dog’s ears need cleaning is to smell it. If his ears are clean and healthy, there will be no odor. However, if they are dirty, the smell will be somewhat off.

Another way is to visually check it. If the dog’s ears are in whatever color they normally are, then they are most likely fine. But, if you noticed that they are more red than usual, that usually means cleaning is due.

Also, lookout for other signs too. If there is swelling, discharge or the ears become sensitive, then these are signs calling for some ear cleaning.

Do not use these when cleaning your dog’s ears

There some products you should never use when cleaning your dog’s ears.

Firstly, never use alcohol to clean your dog’s ears. You may want to use it to disinfect his ears, but they may dry his ears out.

Also, Q-tips or similar cotton tipped sticks should never be used. These items have a tendency to push dirt and debris deeper into the ears. Instead, use a pair of hemostats, which are similar to medical pliers, and a cotton ball.

How to clean your dog’s ears

Firstly, apply some dog ear cleaning solution inside your dog’s ears. Then, for about thirty seconds, massage the base of his ears. Let the dog shake the solution out once you have let the solution sit.

Now, clean up the inside of his ears with the hemostats and cotton ball.

What to do if your dog dislike ear cleaning

You may have a problem here, especially with puppies. They may be hesitant about having their ears cleaned.

So, you may need to coax them by giving them treats and touching around their ears. Eventually, they will be comfortable enough with having their ears touched and let you clean them.

Once the cleaning is done, give your puppy a treat. This way, he will look forward to having his ears cleaned again the next time. Do not stop the treats even after your puppy has grown up.

As your dog grows older, you will need to be more gentler with the ear cleaning. You may also need to treat him more often.