Why Clicker Training Is So Popular In Dog Training?

Clicker training for dogs
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There are various methods available in dog training to choose from. One simple and very effective method makes use of a small handheld device, called a clicker. Do not be deceived by its simplicity. Clicker training is very effective and popular.

Brain training for dogs

It is based on science

The fact that animals learn by association is scientifically proven. Here is where the clicker comes in. It helps the dog to develop a connection between the command and the behavior.

It helps the dog to identify the desired behavior

The objective of dog training is to get the dog to repeat the desired behavior. With a clicker, you quickly help the dog to make the connection between the reward and the behavior.

Pair the clicker with the reward

After you have given a command, use the clicker as soon as the dog performs the desired behavior. Soon, the dog will be familiar with hearing the sound of the clicker in conjunction with the behavior, followed by the reward.

The reward is important

The purpose of the clicker is to enable the dog to identify the correct behavior required. However, if you want him to repeat the behavior, you have to reward your dog for responding correctly.

You do not require a real clicker

It is not necessary to use an actual clicker. In fact, anything that can make a quick, short noise is just as effective.

Do not over-use the clicker

The purpose of the clicker is to help the dog identify the desired behavior. Once your dog is able to do that, you can stop using the clicker. In fact, you should use the clicker only during the first few repetitions of a command.

Clicker training with puppy

The clicker’s sound is defined clearly

Many of the words we speak are meaningless to dogs. They cannot understand human speech. They can only learn to identify certain words and phrases. However, the sound of the clicker is clearly defined and can help the dog associate the behavior with the reward.

Training becomes faster

The sooner the dog can identify the desired behavior, the sooner he can learn to repeat it. The clicker helps to speed up the entire training process.

When used properly, clicker training is a very effective dog training method. By taking note of these tips and techniques, you can effectively use clicker training when training your dog at home.

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Why clicker training is so popular in dog training?