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How To Deal With Chewing Behavior Problems In Dogs

Chewing behavior problems in dogs are usually a developmental phase that puppies pass through. They need to relieve the itch and pain of cutting...

How To Be Consistent And Persistent When Training Your Dog

Consistency and persistence are keys to successful dog training. If the rules change from day to day, the dog becomes confused. He needs to...

The Amount Of Dog Food Needed For Your Dog

The pet dog has the same nutritional needs as any other dog. The only difference is the reduced number of calories it uses because...

4 Things To Take Note When Feeding Your Dog

When feeding your dog, it is important that you do it correctly for the dog's well-being. Here are 4 things to take note of...

3 Mouth & Tooth Disorders In Dogs And What To Do About Them

Have you been noticing something quite unusual with the way your dog is chewing his food? This article discusses about 3 mouth & tooth...

5 Ways To Prevent Congenital Problems In Dogs

Prevention is the main key in order to avoid diseases and illness from attacking your dog. In fact, the best prevention of congenital problems...

How To Help A Shy Dog Gain Confidence

An over-punished dog often lacks self-confidence. Therefore, you should allow such dogs to succeed. You need to help the dog gain confidence. This is fortunately...

3 Key Steps For Introducing Your New Pet To Your Old Pet(s)

Bringing a new pet home may not be as straightforward as it seems. Whether you're bringing home another dog or introducing a cat into...
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