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Weekend getaway with dog

Fun Activity Ideas For Short Getaways With Dogs

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Dogs are faithful, friendly and great company to have around. It is no surprise that short getaways with dogs have been a popular activity for many dog owners. No one likes to leave their beloved dog behind when they want to go on a short vacation. Thankfully, there are so many pet friendly places now and so many activities that you can do with your dog in tow. There are also many cheap hotels that take dogs. You don’t have to leave him behind.

Fun activity ideas for short getaways with dogs

Road Trip Ideas With Dog

You don’t have to take a long road trip to get away from the daily grind. Instead, you can take a short trip and limit your distance to a few hours from your house. You can plan a getaway so that you can be there within a couple of hours.

That will eliminate the stress and anxiety for a dog – especially if he’s not a fan of longer road trips. You can map out a pet friendly getaway that can cater to both you and your canine friend.

Does Your Dog Love Water

Dogs love fun in the sun – and what better way to have a good time than by the water? You can scout out lakes and beaches ahead of time that have an open arms policy when it comes to dogs.

Just make sure you bring a supply of bags with you to pick up after your pet. Not only will you have fun walking beside the water, but your dog will love bounding in and out of the cool ripples of the lake.

Plus, he’ll love splashing in the waves of the ocean right by your side. But be cautious. If you’re going to be in the sun for awhile, make sure you apply doggy sunscreen on your pet. He can be burned by the sun just like you can.

Fun Activity Ideas For Weekend Getaways With Dogs

There are many activities that you can do that can be done during short weekend getaways with dogs. For example, there are businesses who go out of their way to make sure that dogs are included in activities along with their humans. You can take a dog out on a paddle boat venture with you.

Some cities offer walking tours of their tourist spots that include bringing the dog along. You can go on a carriage ride, go whale watching and go on harbor day cruises that allow dogs along.

City Tour With Dog

There are plenty of restaurants and cafes that you can plan to head to for a short getaway. These are places that cater to both dogs and the humans that love them. You’ll be able to share your meal with your pet.

There are even many fantastic eateries that cater to dogs such as the Barking Dog restaurant in New York. Numerous restaurants have outdoor dining areas that openly welcome dogs.

If you’re looking for something a little more cultured to do on a short getaway, consider taking your dog along with you for a trip to a museum. There are some museums that allow visitors to bring a dog in with them.

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