Puppy-Training Pads For Housetraining – Should I Use It?

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Housetraining is the first thing you want to do when you bring a new puppy home. As your new dog has not been toilet trained, you will likely find him relieving himself in the house. So, if you do not want to find a puddle or pile within your house, then you will need to start housetraining your puppy as soon as possible.

Brain training for dogs

Puppy-training pads is one of various methods many dog owners use for housetraining their puppies. Here are some pros and cons of using training pads

Urban pet owners frequently use puppy-training pads

Urban pet owners who live in city apartments do not have much choice as they do not have much outdoor space. So, the best option is to use puppy-training pads.

A schedule is still needed

Similar to traditional outdoor housetraining, you need to stick to a schedule. You need to teach your puppy to use the pads and be consistent in rewarding him for good behaviors.

You must use the pads correctly

If you want your puppies to understand the purpose of the pads, then take them to the pads only when it is time to go. Do not let them use it for any other purposes.

Use only one method of housetraining

Do not use both indoor and outdoor housetraining at the same time if both options are available to you. This would only confuse your puppy and impede his learning. Use only one method at a time.

Consistency is important

You must consistently reward your puppy for using the pad. You want to teach your puppy that doing it on the pad is desirable, but not in the house in general.

Training pads may prolong the housetraining process

If you are thinking of using training pads as a stepping stone, then you may be actually extending the duration of the housetraining process. Your dog will first learn to do it indoors and then later to go outdoors.

You can use training pads to transition a dog to outdoor housetraining

If your dog, for some reason, is having difficulty with outdoor housetraining, you may start training him indoors with training pads. Then, gradually move the pad closer to the door, until he eventually is able to do it outside consistently.

House training with training pads
A problem may arise as your dog ages

If your dog is taught to do his business inside the house, you may have a problem when he ages. He may eventually become lazy and choose to relieve himself wherever it is convenient instead of going to the pad.

Training pads can cause confusion

Some dogs may have difficulty in learning to use the training pad as the only place to do his business. He may eventually start doing it on newspapers or mats that are similar in shape and size to the training pad.

It is entirely up to you which housetraining method you use. It depends on your particular situation and your dog. However, with an understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of training pads, you will be able to make an informed decision.

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Puppy-training pads for housetraining