Is Your Dog Eating Too Much Human Food?

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When it comes to feeding your dog with human food, there are two schools of thought. One group thinks that you should never feed your dog with human food at all. The other group thinks that dogs should be allowed to eat human foods without restrain.

The reality is that dogs can eat human food, but not every type. There are certain foods which must not be fed to dogs. Also, there must be a healthy balance as to what you feed your dogs with. Too much of a good thing can be bad.

Train your dog right

Puppies are too young and inexperienced to know any boundaries. If they see you eating something, they will want a share too. They will try their best to get some of it. If you give in to them every time, then most likely you are giving them too much.

Over time, your dog can develop a preference for human foods and refuses their own foods. Some adult dogs have learn how to get you to toss them a few bites of your food by simply putting on that pitiful look. Many dog owners find that long face irresistible.

Each time you give him a bite of what you are eating, you are training him to eat with you. Older dogs have come to learn that humans have tasty foods. They will come to check it out whenever they hear you moving around in the kitchen, opening a refrigerator or a cabinet.

Are your overfeeding your dog with human food?

A possible sign that you are overfeeding your dog with human food is that your dog is overweight. This is especially so if your dog is also eating all of his dog food as well.

Another clear sign that you are giving your dog too much human food is that your dog runs to you whenever he knows you are eating something while leaving food in his own dish.

It should not be a problem if you are giving your dog bits of lean meat or vegetable from your plate. Many top quality dog foods also contain these items.

What not to feed your dog with

But, never give your dog junk food and some other items. Besides making him very ill, they can also cause obesity in your dog.

As salt is not good for dogs, you should refrain from giving him potato chips or other high salt content foods.

Chocolates, onions and certain types of nuts are also not good for dogs.

Do not give any garlic coated human food to your dog. Garlic is toxic to them.

How not to overfeed your dog

Certain human foods are good for dogs. So, there is no harm in giving some human foods to your dog as long as you are not overdoing it. If overdone, you can cause him to miss out on some of the nutrition he needs from his own dog food.

You must pay attention to how much food he is supposed to be eating. Then, keep track of the human foods you have been feeding him. Balance the amount of human food you have been giving him with how much food he is supposed to eat for the entire day.

Is your dog eating too much human food?