Is Crate Training Beneficial For Your Dog?

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A very effective housetraining method is crate training. This is also one of the easiest methods to implement. This method has the potential of getting your puppy fully housetrained in a matter of weeks.

Brain training for dogs

Prevent accidents by confining your puppy to a crate

Dogs naturally do not want to soil their beds or sleeping area. If you confine your dog overnight in a crate with just enough space for sleeping, it is likely that he will try to control his bladder during the night.

Crate training is simple and easy to implement

Crate training does not require any special equipment or training aids. All you need is just a crate.

You can teach your dog to enter the crate on command

By using a particular word or phrase each time you put your puppy in the crate, you can teach him to associate the word with the crate. He will eventually learn to go into the crate on command.

It will limit your puppy’s access to the house

You can limit your puppy’s access to the house by keeping him in the crate. This will ensure that he will not be creating problems during the night or while you are away.

Your puppy will get to love his crate

Do not use the crate as punishment. Then, your puppy is likely to perceive it as a place where he can safely go for solitude and rest.

Crate training can be very fast

If you are very consistent in implementing the crate-training method, you can see good results in a matter of days or weeks.

Getting your puppy to like the crate is not difficult

Feed him a few meals in the crate with the door open. You can also play a game of hide and seek with him by hiding some treats in the crate for him to find. Soon he will learn to like being inside his crate.

Crating can help to prevent separation anxiety

While you are away, your puppy will have a safe place to stay in. This will help to ease his anxiety when you leave the house. Moreover, it will further help to prevent anxiety if you keep your departures and arrivals as low-key as possible.

Crate training a puppy or dog

Dogs of all ages can benefit from crate training

Crate training is an effective housetraining method for both puppies and adult dogs. With the right amount of consistency and repetition, you can train dogs of any age.

Save money by renting a crate

Crate training is effective only if you are using the correct size crate for your dog. It should have just enough room for your puppy to stand up and turn around and no more. As your puppy grows, you will need a larger crate. So renting is more cost-effective.

As long as you consistently confining your dog to a crate overnight and during long absences, while consistently rewarding him for doing his business outside the house, you can fully housetrain your dog with crate training very quickly.

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Is Crate Training Beneficial For Your Dog