How To Stop Your Dog From Digging Your Yard?

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Does your dog have a digging habit? If so, then your yard can soon become a landscape of many holes. This can have a detrimental effect on your yard as the soil balance is destroyed, grass killed, and plants and flowers uprooted.

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Eventually, you may find the value of your home lowered if your yard looks messy and dug up.

Why dogs digg

Depending on their age, dogs dig for various reasons. If you want to end this digging behavior, first you will need to understand the reason behind the digging.

Why puppies dig

Puppies dig because they are bored due to their short attention span. If they do not have enough activities to keep themselves engaged, such as when they are not with their playmates, they get bored easily and resort to digging to entertain themselves when they are outside.

Why adult dogs dig

Besides boredom, adult dogs also dig for another reason. They dig when they catch the scent of a prey.

Many small animals like to burrow under the ground. When your adult dog smells them, he will start to frantically dig up the yard to locate their prey.

Sometimes dogs dig holes to bury something they consider valuable, such as their toys or something they found that they like.

Sometimes dogs dig because they think the yard on the other side of the fence seems a lot more exciting than the one they are in.

Why senior dogs dig

Senior dogs dig for another reason. They are looking for comfort. The cool and soft soil offers to ease their bones and provide comfortable cushioning when they lay on it.

How to stop dog from digging

Some dogs are naturally more prone to digging than others. However, this behavior can be stopped with proper training.

Keep them busy

Firstly, give your dog plenty of activities. This will ensure that he does not dig out of boredom.

If your dog is very prone to digging, a natural digger, then you can allow him to dig only in a certain spot in the yard. Teach him to dig in that area only.

Interrupt them

When training a puppy to stop digging, you need to watch him constantly until he has learn that his digging actions are not acceptable. You must interrupt him the moment he starts sniffing around and starts to scratch at the grass.

A training whistle will help you to interrupt him. You can also use a can containing some coins or something that can make a loud noise to get the puppy’s attention.

After interrupting him, give him something else to do, such as play a game of fetch or play with a toy.

For adult dogs, they may be digging because they are going after an animal, or they may just want to be out of the yard. Just as with puppies, you will need to interrupt that behavior every time he starts to dig.

Also, by getting rid of all burrowing animals from your yard will help too.

Restrict digging to a particular area

If your dog is really into digging, then you may want to set up a sandbox for your dog. Allow your dog to dig only in that area.

Make them comfortable when outside

For senior dogs who dig to cool off and for comfort, give them another way to stay cool and comfortable when he is outside. This will help them to stop digging.

Reinforce good behaviors

Always reinforce good behaviors and stop bad behaviors they moment they occur.

Train your dog to come the moment you command him to. And give him a treat when he does so.

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How to stop your dog from digging your yard