How To Deal With Excessive Whining In Dogs?

Whining puppy
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Sometimes, it is normal for dogs to whine. Dogs frequently whine when they want to tell their owners something, such as when they need to go out. However, when dogs whine excessively, we have a problem. And it can be rather difficult to deal with this behavior.

Dogs frequently whine to communicate

Because your dog can not use words to communicate, he may resort to whining to get your attention.

He may need to go outside

If you do not let your dog out on a regular basis, he may come to you and whine to let you know that he needs to be let outside.

He could be trying to tell you something is wrong

Dogs do not often show it when they are sick (because predators would see their vulnerability), so you may not even realize when your dog is feeling unwell. If your dog is whining, it could be because something is physically wrong.

Your dog may be feeling bored

When dogs are bored, they are likely to exhibit a variety of inappropriate behaviors, including excessive barking, chewing and whining.

You have somewhat neglected your dog

Dogs require regular human interaction and playtime in order to thrive. If you have not been spending enough time with your dog, he may feel neglected and use whining to get your attention.

You may be reinforcing his whining behavior

If your dog whines in order to get your attention, you may be unwittingly reinforcing that behavior by responding to it. Just by simply entering the room to tell the dog to stop is reinforcing his behavior.

You are able to control the behavior

The quickest way to end your dog’s excessive whining is to stop rewarding or even acknowledging it. The only reason your dog whines for your attention is because it has worked in the past. You gave him the attention when he whined. If he no longer gets the desired response from you, he will eventually stop doing it.

Reward your dog when he stops whining

When your dog is whining, approach the room and give your dog a “hush” command just before closing the door firmly. Do not let the dog see you. When your dog stops whining, wait five seconds, then enter the room to praise and reward your dog for stopping his whining.

Give your dog plenty of exercise

Dogs that do not get enough exercise are more likely to become bored and develop problem behaviors, such as whining.

Sad dog is whining

Make sure your dog has sufficient toys to play with

If you have to leave the house or cannot play with your dog at the moment, make sure he has enough toys that will keep him occupied and engaged.

Just like any behavior, excessive whining can be stopped. Rather than punishing your dog for whining, you should try to reward him for being quiet. If you are consistent in not reinforcing the negative behavior and in rewarding good behaviors, you can easily control your dog’s whining.

How to deal with excessive whining in dogs?