5 Basic Nutrients Your Dog Needs Everyday

Dog feeding on raw food
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You’re mistaken if you think that your dog’s nutritional needs are the same as humans’. What you consider as healthy for yourself may be inadequate or even damaging for your dog. You need to have a good understanding of your dog’s nutritional needs and how to cater to them. However, with some preparation you can equip yourself with the know-how to take good care of your dog.

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Your dog needs the essential nutrients to grow, go, and glow. If your dog does not receive proper nutrients, it may result in poor health, stunted growth, lethargy and shortened life span.

Dogs, like most animal life forms, need the five basic nutrients for survival: carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins, and minerals. These nutrients serve different functions in sustaining the health and well-being of your dog. This article will elaborate on the dog’s need of these nutrients.

Proteins – the building blocks of your dog’s health

Proteins are chemicals made of amino acids. Your dog can produce some of these chemicals in their own bodies. The rest has to be supplied through food. The best sources of these amino acids are meat and its byproducts. Dogs can extract proteins from these sources a lot easier than it could from plant sources.

Choose feeds that have an adequate amount of protein in them to help your puppies and working dogs grow. Too much of this, however, may cause kidney problems and, has also been known to cause temperament problems.

Fats – delivering other nutrients to the body

Fat sound like a bad word – everyone tries to avoid it because it has caused tons of health problems. Dogs, however, just like human, also have a need for these nutrients – albeit in a moderate amount.

The right amount of fat is needed to promote good skin health, and to transport fat-soluble vitamins. Fats are also essential for kidney function and reproductive health. They make food tastier too. However, too much fat will result in obesity and lethargy.

Carbohydrates – doggie fuel

Fifty percent of your dog’s diet should consist of carbohydrates since they need it for their energy. Corn is one of the more popular sources of this nutrient, along with soybeans. There are other sources too. If the source is clean and of good nutritional quality, then that should be fine as well.

Basic nutrients your dog needs everyday

Vitamins and minerals – keeping your dog healthy

It would have been easier if your dog only had to splurge on vitamins and minerals to get optimal health. However, the opposite is true. Your dog needs a specific amount of vitamins and minerals to be healthy. Although, your dog may receive these nutrients from food, vitamin supplements for your dogs could be helpful. Specially formulated commercial feeds also make it easier for dog owners to give their dogs good nutrition.

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5 Basic nutrients your dog needs everyday