3 Potty Training Issues You Need To Deal With

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Whether you are potty training a puppy, an adult dog or a senior dog, there are three issues that you need to be aware of. You need to deal with each of them should the need arise. Otherwise, your dog may not receive the proper training required and will never be housebroken.

Brain training for dogs

Your goal is to train your dog to do his business outside the house, regardless of his age. Always start with crate training as this is the best place to start potty training your dog. By nature, dogs are very reluctant to relieve themselves where they sleep.

Your dog constantly relieves himself in his crate

However, if you have a dog that is constantly relieving himself in his crate, it could be because the crate that he is in is too big. He has room to go relieve himself in one area and turn around and lie down away from his elimination.

That means that you need to downsize your crate or you need to use a crate divider to take away some of his room. If you do that and your dog is still using the bathroom in his crate, it means that you are not taking him out often enough or he may have a medical condition and cannot hold his bathroom needs as long as other dogs can.

Your dog relieves himself in the house

Another common potty training issue is when a dog relieves himself in the house. If he has gone through crate training, then this should not be an issue. But it can happen with puppies if they end up drinking something or eating something.

Their systems are small and fast. They usually need to relieve themselves within half an hour after eating or drinking. Adult dogs have potty training accidents when they have eaten something that upsets their system. This will also happen when they are left inside the house for too long.

With senior dogs who have potty training accidents inside, it is usually because their system is not what it used to be. They may have trouble holding their urine or they may have digestive problems that make them need to eliminate quickly after eating.

The solution is to watch your dog more closely when he is sick and make sure you let the dog out more often when he is prone to having accidents. Keep him on a schedule and that can help stop accidents.

Also, dogs that have potting training issues could pee inside your home if they have done it before because of the scent that is left behind. Even if you have cleaned up their accident and you cannot smell it anymore, it does not mean they cannot.

Their noses are more sensitive. You have to use a product that can completely remove the scent.

Your dog does not relieve himself when he is outside

The third potty training issue with dogs is they do not use the bathroom when they are outside. This happens with dogs of all ages. Even when you know it is time for them to do so, they did not.

Sometimes anxiety causes this. At other times, they may have got distracted by a bird, a squirrel, the sound of someone or something else. Sometimes dogs will need to go, but dart back inside without going because they want the calmness and security of being in the home which they see as their den.

The solution is to walk out with your pet and stay out in the yard with him until he goes. Help him to ignore distractions. Also, your pet feels more secure when he knows you are with him.

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3 potty training issues you need to deal with