12 Tips To Make Housetraining Your Puppy Easier

Housetraining your puppy
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Bringing home a new puppy is a joyful time for the entire family, especially if this is your very first dog. The puppy is so cute and adorable that everyone is looking forward to many happy moments with it – until the reality of housetraining strikes.

Brain training for dogs

Many people wants to own dogs but they loathe housetraning their pets. They think that this would be a long process and the puppy would destroy their house during the learning process.

However, if you are using the right methods, housetraining a puppy is not difficult and can take only a few weeks.

Be realistic in your expectations

Be aware of your dog’s capabilities before choosing a housetraining method. If your puppy is at two months old, he can control his bladder for only about two hours. As he grows older, his ability will improve.

Take your puppy outside every hour or so

This will provide ample opportunities for your puppy to do his business outside instead of in the house. Many accidents can be prevented this way.

Do not linger outside

If your puppy does not need to ease himself when he is taken outside, bring him back in right away. Eventually, your puppy will learn what is expected of him when he is taken outside.

It is important to establish a routine

A regular schedule will help your puppy to learn quickly, especially during housetraining. Regularly scheduled meal times will enable you to know when to take your puppy outside. Your puppy will also learn the routine quickly.

Choose a particular spot in your yard for your puppy to go

Always lead your puppy to the same spot when you take him outside in the yard. Besides making the clean up job easier, this will also help your dog to learn better.

Always use a “potty” phrase

Use a word or phrase, such as “go pee”, so that your dog will learn to associate it with the location and the act. You must do this every time you take your dog outside to the designated spot to do his business. Eventually, he will know what to do when you use the phrase and you do not need to lead him.

Praise and rewards are your friends in housetraining

Always reinforce good behaviors. Praise and reward your puppy whenever he relieves himself outside. When your puppy sees that you are praising him excitedly, he will learn that the action is pleasing to you and will seek to earn your approval in future.

Consistency is key

It is important to be consistent throughout the training process with whatever housetraining method you are using. Also, you must reward your dog consistently for doing his business outdoors. He will then learn to do it automatically.

House training with training pads

Close supervision in the home is important

In order to prevent accidents, you must watch your puppy closely while housetraining him. Always keep the puppy in the same room as you are in so that you can watch for signs that he needs to go, such as sniffing and walking in circles.

Do not feed your dog within two hours of bedtime

You should take out his water dish and do not feed him any food, including treats, two hours before his bedtime. This will reduce the need for him to relieve himself during the night.

Confine your puppy while you are away

A simple way to avoid accidents is to keep your puppy in a crate when you will be away for some time. Do not use a crate that is too big. It should be just enough for him to rest inside, but not enough to walk around. Line it with a soft blanket for comfort.

Take your puppy outside before and after crating him

Just before you put your puppy in the crate, take him outside to relieve himself. Do this again when you release him from the crate.

The effort you put in and the time you spent in training your puppy will be worth it in the end. If you are patient and consistent, housetraining your puppy should be a fairly easy and quick process.

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Housetraining puppy tips to make training your puppy easier