10 Tips On How To Stop Your Dog From Barking

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Many of our dogs’ behaviors that we do not like are in reality very natural for them. Take for example, barking. It is natural for dogs to bark when they are excited or afraid. So, instead of stopping your dog from barking completely, it is better to teach him when to bark and when to keep quiet.

The following are 10 tips on how to stop your dog from barking.

Know that all dogs bark

Firstly, it is important to understand that it is very natural for dogs to bark, and all of them do. So, do not attempt to stop it entirely.

Your dog’s barking behavior can be modified

Instead of teaching your dog never to bark, you can try to change his behavior when his barking gets excessive. You can also teach him to stop barking on command.

Understand why your dog is barking

Sometimes dogs bark out of boredom. But, more often than not, they bark at a perceived threat. For example, when someone or another animal enters into the dog’s territory, he will start to bark as a warning.

Remove the cause

If you know what triggers your dog to bark unnecessarily, try removing it. For example, if your dog barks each time he sees other dogs walking past the house or into the yard, prevent him from seeing out the front window with blinds or curtains.

Distract your dog

As a temporary measure to stop his barking, you can make a loud noise or throw him a toy to get his attention.

Do not isolate your dog for too long

Those who keep their dogs outside all day long usually have the problem of excessive barking dogs. Dogs need human interaction. They may develop problem behaviors when they are deprived of it.

Give your dog sufficient exercise

If your dog does not get enough exercise throughout the day, boredom or hyperactivity may set in. This will give rise to excessive barking or other behavioral problems.

Do not yell at your dog for barking

This is an ineffective way to get your dog to stop barking and does not solve the problem. Your dog will start barking again later.

Teach your dog to bark on command

Identify something that will excite your dog sufficiently to start barking. Just before you initiate this trigger, give the command, such as “Speak”. Reward your dog when he barks. Repeat this training process until your dog is able to respond to the command without the trigger.

Teach your dog to stop barking on command

Incorporate the “hush” command after your dog is able to respond to the “speak” command. When he is barking, issue the “hush” command in a calm tone, and give him a reward when he stops barking.

The key is to teach your dog the “speak” command first. Once he has learn it, then you can teach him the “hush” command.

Do not get your dog to stop barking altogether. Instead, modify his excessive barking behavior and teach him to stop barking on command.

10 Tips on how to stop your dog from barking