10 Steps To Teaching Your Dog To Come

Teaching dog come command
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Before your dog is able to learn complex commands, such as roll over or play dead, it is important that he is able to understand and correctly respond to basic commands. These basic commands includes commands like sit, stay and come.

Brain training for dogs

Here is what you need to do to teach your dog the “come” command.

Start the training indoors

It is important that your dog is not distracted when learning a new command. The best place to start would be inside your house where you have a quiet environment.

Get your dog to pay attention to you

You need to get your dog’s attention if you are just starting to train him. In order to do that, you may need to wave a treat or call his name. After you got his attention, you can start the training.

Use the right reward

If you want your dog to repeat the behavior once he got it right, you need to reinforce the behavior in him with a reward. Encourage him with small treats for the first few repetitions as they work best. After that, you can move on to using physical rewards, such as playtime or belly rub.

Praise often

Another aspect of dog training is to excitedly praise your dog when he did well. There is a natural tendency for your dog to seek your approval. When you make it obvious that you are pleased with a certain behavior, he is more likely to repeat it.

Stand across the room from your dog

To start training your dog to come when commanded, have an assistant gently hold your dog’s leash while you are standing across the room from them.

Use a hand signal

Many people prefer to include the use of hand signals in training their dogs. First, choose a hand signal you want to use. Then, issue the hand signal while you are giving the verbal command.

Give the verbal command

First, you must choose a simple word or phrase. For example, “come” or “come here” would work fine. Just issue the verbal command. And, at the same time, give the accompanying hand signal.

Dog obeying come command

Invitingly open your arms to your dog

After you have given the command, encourage your dog to come to you with open arms while maintaining eye contact with him.

Praise and reward your dog

If your dog responds correctly and come to you, praise and reward him immediately. This way, he will connect the reward directly with his behavior.

Rinse and repeat

In dog training, repetition is the key to success. Keep repeating the sequence and soon your dog will get the hang of it. After that, he will be able to respond to the command automatically.

Train your dog to respond to basic commands, such as “come”, before moving him on to more complex ones. The “come” command is a very simple one that your dog is likely to be able to pick up with just a few repetitions. The key is to be consistent in your training methods.

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Tips on teaching your dog to come when called.