10 Reasons Why Labrador Retrievers Are So Adorable

labrador retriever by the sea
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10 Reasons Why Labrador Retrievers Are So Adorable

1. Labradors are big on wagging

Yes, Labrador Retrievers have crazy wagging tails. You can see them wagging their tails all day long. They don’t seem to be tired of doing that. It’s such a delight to see them wagging their tails.

labrador wagging tail

2. Labradors are full of energy

Oh boy! These dogs are so full of energy. You won’t find them boring. They are always ready to play!

adorable agility labrador retriever

3. Labrador Retrievers love to swim

Labradors will not hesitate to jump into the water and swim around. They are natural swimmers.

chocolate lab swimming

4. They love to fetch

They simply love to retrieve things. That’s why they are called Retrievers!

yellow labrador retriever

5. Labrador Retrievers looks so adorable

Just looking at them will melt your heart. They look so lovable.

cute labrador retriever

6. Labrador Retrievers are greedy

Yes, they love to eat. Labradors are obsessed by food. So you better hide your food from them.

labrador eating
Image Source: Daily Mail

7. Labrador Retrievers Shed Their Fur

When they shed their fur, they really do it BIG TIME! You’ll find dog hair all over the place.

labrador retriever shedding hair
Image Source: DogBuddy Blog

8. Labradors love to show affection

Labradors love to be around people. They love to be cuddled. You’ll find them pretty affectionate.

loving labrador retriever

9. Labrador are great with children and babies

Labradors make great family dogs, especially those with young children. They are loving and gentle with children, especially very young one and babies.

child with labrador
Image Source: Endless Mt Labradors

10. Labrador Retriever puppies are very cute

Just take a look at these two little guys. They’re SO CUTE! They really are adorable.

labrador retriever puppies